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17:40, 23-Aug-2019

By John Goodrich


11:34, 23-Aug-2019

Bertram Niles


17:59, 23-Aug-2019


Tom Fowdy

Yao Fan

Javier Solana

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Hong Kong

From street clashes with police to attacks on government bodies and the paralysis of public services, the violent "protests" initiated by radicals in the Hong Kong SAR since June have gone too far. The reputation of the Asian financial hub has been tarnished in the name of "democracy" and "freedom." What is really going on? How is it impacting the region? CGTN brings you the latest from the scene.

Chen Ran


21:07, 23-Aug-2019

The Point with Liu Xin


20:04, 23-Aug-2019

China-U.S. trade tensions

A recession might be in the cards for the U.S. economy, as a change in its bond market sends a grave warning. On top of this, Trump is planning to impose new tariffs on the rest of the country’s Chinese imports coming December. With the conflict costing consumers and businesses dearly, will the U.S. and China see eye to eye before they, and their economies, reach the point of no return?

Wang Xiaonan



19:06, 21-Aug-2019

Rare look into Xinjiang

On China's western frontier, legends shimmer in towns once vital to the ancient Silk Road. From the Taklamakan to the Pamirs, from Kanas to Turpan, we rattled through the desert and oasis to bring you a Xinjiang through the eyes of locals as they share their stories in a region undergoing unprecedented change. Follow us on our journey through this land of heritage and modernity.

Wang Xiaonan


17:33, 17-Aug-2019

By Wang Xiaonan


21:50, 16-Jul-2019

By Wang Xiaonan


17:04, 06-Jul-2019

Rethinking trash: China's push for a greener world

China is joining the ranks of countries in mandatory garbage sorting. Shanghai became the pilot city of such a major policy change in July. CGTN takes a look at the modern garbage disposal chain work there and how its residents' lifestyles have been changed. Will Shanghai provide valuable experience other cities can draw upon? Experts say a smooth implementation of the policy is vital to China's aspiration to become a major global contributor to sustainable development.

Yang Chengxi