Pingtan, once an ordinary small island off the coast of east China's Fujian Province, is now at the forefront of Fujian-Taiwan cooperation and the nation's opening up to the outside world. Within just a few years, it has become the home to a Comprehensive Pilot Zone, a Free Trade Zone and an International Tourist Destination designated by the state.
2017-09-22 23:07 GMT+8
A car was caught by the tail lift of a truck and upended on a busy road on Wednesday in Yongfu county, south China. The car’s driver was injured in the accident. An investigation is underway.
2017-09-22 21:12 GMT+8
Two liger cubs have made their public debut at Jingzhou Zhongshan Park Zoo in central China’s Hubei Province. The cubs were born to a female tiger and a male lion. There are thought to be only about 1,000 ligers in the world.
2017-09-22 20:55 GMT+8
Hundreds of people got into formation and created a rhino shape in northern Taiwan on Friday to mark World Rhino Day and call for the protection of the animals.
2017-09-22 19:49 GMT+8
Could Chinese banks cutting off money flow to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) make the difference in stopping the nuclear crisis on the Korean Peninsula? US President Donald Trump said Thursday that China's central bank has ordered the country's banks to curb trade with the DPRK, as he announced new US sanctions against Pyongyang. The Chinese move, which Trump described as "very bold" and "unexpected," was not immediately confirmed by Beijing, but if it's true, it could cut a vital source of foreign currency for the DPRK government.
2017-09-22 16:37 GMT+8
A homeowner in Apopka, Florida recorded the moment a giant sinkhole swallowed part of her home on Tuesday. It is unclear if the spectacular damage to Elena Hale’s house was related to Hurricane Irma, which raged through Florida earlier this month.
2017-09-22 15:56 GMT+8
Bicycles are an age-old mode of transportation, but bicycle-sharing is a modern day trend that has gained popularity worldwide. In fact, it is so popular in China that in recent years more than 30 bike-sharing start-ups have popped up across the country. And China’s approach to bike-sharing has a twist: smart bikes!
2017-09-22 15:49 GMT+8
Culture and tradition play an important role in the lives of many Indonesians. Millions of riverside-dwellers have been evicted from their homes as part of the government’s efforts to eradicate slum areas. For those who lived by the river, their homes represented a large part of their family’s history. The government faces the task of preserving that tradition, while developing sustainable methods when dealing with slum-dwellers.
2017-09-22 15:34 GMT+8
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea's (DPRK) leader Kim Jong Un said on Friday Pyongyang will consider the "highest level of hard-line countermeasure in history" against the United States in response to US President Donald Trump's threat to destroy the DPRK. Calling Trump "mentally deranged" and his comments "the most ferocious declaration of a war in history," Kim said his UN speech on Tuesday confirmed Pyongyang's nuclear program has been "the correct path".
2017-09-22 13:47 GMT+8
A bull running wild knocked down five people just before being shot dead by police on Saturday in Xingning City in south China's Guangdong Province. The bull was being transported from the city when it got loose and jumped off the truck.
2017-09-22 12:58 GMT+8
Over 1,000 robots and 10 martial artists performed a Kung Fu dance in China recently. They performed at China’s National Robot Creative Design Competition.
2017-09-21 22:15 GMT+8
Protests break out in the Philippine capital against President Rodrigo Duterte's deadly drug war and other policies that activists say are pushing the country back to an abusive military dictatorship.
2017-09-21 21:20 GMT+8